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Program Change/Note Change Automation in Studio One

I've been working out of Presonus Studio One with EMU to trigger my lights.  I used the VST3 plugin, created a program change automation track, and it talks to my lights no problem.

The issue I'm encountering is I'm trying to also get it to accept a MIDI note from a MIDI track in Studio One, but nothing is registering in the MIDI monitor in EMU, but the lights still respond to program changes?

I'd like to utilize MIDI notes since we'll be integrating this into our Ableton live sessions, which don't have program change automation lanes like Studio One does.  Do I have something routed incorrectly?

I've heard mention of an AU plugin, which I can't find any literature on.  One video mentioned using a MIDI router to somehow connect my DAW to EMU, so I'm just hoping to get the right information.

Per the attached images, I also need to make an audio track with the VST3, which then allows me to utilize the VST3?  I don't know what that's about.

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If you need all your setup be in Ableton - use Ableton, why do you us Studio one? Ableton can change banks, programs via VST plugin in EMU. 

If you need Midi notes be used as well, make sure you have correct setup at 3 points:

1) Midi driver is active and it is chosen in EMU in Midi tab with needed channels for banks/programs;

2) Same MIDI driver should be chosen in a DAW (Ableton, Studio one and etc);

3) Midi track in the DAW should have relevant output driver and channels for banks/programs (see item 1).

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