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Feature Request: Define Program Duration

Copied from the previous forum. Member: GuitarGuy. Thread: 779

Feature: Be able to set a 'Follow Time' which would allow the user to define the duration of a Program before automatically moving to the next Program. 

'I am creating a light show to coordinate with our Intro as our band walks onto stage. I am not yet ready to use VST in Reaper to do this. We will have a lighting person, but I want him to be able to start the Bank for our into and have the Programs change automatically with the different parts of the intro song.'



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Thats a Queue.  Since the main focus or strength/market position of EMU is VST DMX.  triggering full Queues or entire light shows would be cool but ...that would make EMU closer to a full fledged lighting application.    Thats my 2 cents.  

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