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VST not all faders responding to automation

In Ableton, not all faders in EMU are responding to automation. The ones that are responding, I'm not sure if they are syncing correctly. EMU shows the automation to be choppy and missing a lot of commands. Am I missing a setting to make this run smoothly? Screen recording is attached.


Hi Ryan, thanks for reaching out! This doesn't look great.- if possible, would you be able to share what you can of the project file + Ableton file with us? (more than happy for you to submit this as a support ticket if you'd rather not post them publicly. - Once we've got hold of them we'll try it out here and share them with our development team if we're able to replicate with an identical setup.

Thanks - J

Hi Ryan, We've been reviewing this and have found an issue with value 255 being seen as an error value. The team are working on a fix for this and intends to have it live toward the end of next week.

James, good to hear that there’s something identified. I can sit tight for that update to see if it resolves the issue. If not, I’m happy to share the EMU & Ableton files. 

We have just released a new Beta version, which has improvemented the VST functionality. Please download this Beta from our website.  

Beta warning: Basic functionality has been tested, however there maybe some unexpected bugs. If you come across any, please let us know along with you EMU version number found in Settings>About.

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The update seems to have cleared the issue up. :)

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