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Write to COM


I have the Open DMX (70303). This is my first time in this technology so maybe I am not understanding it properly. The sample program works so I know the device and controller are working.

The Windows Driver installed a virtual COM port.
Can I now use a tool (such as putty) to write to that COM port and it will then send the signal to the controller to light?

If it can be done I know it will be a long string which is OK, I just want to understand if that's the way it works. If it can be done, I would also like some assistance (even an example) of what the string should look like. Once I get that understanding it will help with what I'm trying to do

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DMX is a constantly refreshing stream (based heavily on RS485) - Consequently, the open needs a constantly refreshed feed of data from the computer. (44 times a second to match the DMX standard). Using an application like putty for this wouldn't allow you to refresh as needed. 

Your best option would be to use some of the existing 3rd party libraries written for the device (alongside our code example). 

Some free and open-source applications have already implemented the Open DMX USB if you're looking for a quick solution to control your lights. A list of these is available in the below article:

Compatible USB Software

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