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Feature Request: Keyboard Shortcuts

Copied from the previous forum. Member: djkrucial&hellishvictor. Thread: 774&497

Feature: Add keyboard shortcut options as a way to control EMU in a similar way as Learn MIDI already does, including:

  • Bank (next / previous)
  • Program (next / previous

Also adding general keyboard shortcuts to perform quality of life functions, like renaming programs. 

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YES! This would make it possible to program a multi-switch footswitch with the shortcuts and therefore make EMU controllable via USB footswitch during live performances for a band member. ALL THE YES to this idea! Please and thank you Enttec.

Sam, did you ever hear about any progress on your topic of shortcuts?

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I Would like this too. I wish we could map specific banks and programs to Midi notes

Kyle this was always possible - each bank, each program has it own Midi note and you may call them.

See this video as example: Midi in work.

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