When undertaking an installation involving ENTTEC products, ENTTEC strongly recommends the following guidelines are adhered to.

Key Electrical Safety 

  • Products must be installed in accordance with applicable national and local electrical and construction codes by a person familiar with the construction and operation of the product and the hazards involved. Failure to comply with the following installation instructions may result in death or serious injury.
  • Products can be damaged by excess voltage. The installation of an overvoltage protection device on the electrical system may reduce the risk of damage.
  • Provide a means of locking out AC mains power to the installation to be shut down and made impossible to reapply accidentally.
  • The use of an adequate RCBO along the mains power inlet to your installation is recommended.
  • Before applying power to the installation, check that all power distribution equipment and cables are in a perfect condition and rated for the current requirements of all connected devices and factor in overhead.
  • Isolate the installation from power immediately if any part of the installation is in any way damaged, defective, shows signs of overheating or are wet (if not an IP65 component).
  • To reduce the risk of fire or electrical faults, do not exceed the maximum recommendations provided by ENTTEC or any other suppliers products, as stated in relevant documentation. If you are unsure, ask!
  • Do not make any changes to the installation whilst the power is live (hot swapping). First shut down power to the installation, then make required changes.
  • Verify the electrical plan and all necessary surge protection requirements ensuring each element of the installation has sufficient electrical protection.
  • Shut down power to the installation during cleaning in addition to when the system is not in use.

Protection from Injury During Installation

  • Always use suitable personal protective equipment when installing a pixel installation.
  • In an overhead installation or where any part of the installation may cause injury if it falls. Block access below the work area and work from a stable platform whenever installing, servicing or changing.
  • Once installation is completed, check that all hardware and components are securely in place and fastened to supporting structures.

System Planning and Specification 

  • Before planning or installing your system, ensure you are familiarized with all key information within this guide and other relevant ENTTEC documentation. If you are in any doubt about system safety, contact ENTTEC or your ENTTEC supplier for assistance.
  • ENTTEC’s Return to base warranty for this product does not cover damage caused by inappropriate use or application or modification to the product.