ENTTEC recommends the use of DALI-certified devices only.

There are several options to integrate an S-Play with a DALI / DALI2 system using 3rd party hardware. The main ways to achieve this are listed below:

Relays & Digital Inputs

By far the most cost-effective method to interact with a DALI system. This method should be used for triggering up to 4 playlists on the S-Play (Using the Digital Inputs) and triggering up to 2 DALI states (reliant on the S-Play Digital Input).


DMX -> DALI Bridge / DALI -> DMX Bridge

Several DMX / Art-Net to DALI devices are available on the market to allow the S-Play to directly control DALI groups and zones.

Configure the S-Play to output DMX to these converters to control DALI fixtures and groups directly (each scene can be formed from a dynamic recording or manually produced using static cues using the S-Plays onboard cue editor).

Alternatively, use DALI to DMX converters to act as a virtual ballast to activate playlists on the S-Play using different DMX channels. This method allows RGB or pixel controllers to be controlled from DALI-compatible sensors and switches.


PLC / System Controllers

For integration with larger projects, Programmable logic controllers with DALI functionality can be used to send triggers to trigger the S-Play remotely to interact.

Integrate with PLCs and system controllers capable of receiving DMX, RS232, or UDP Events from the S-Play to playback remote DALI Scenes to trigger remote DALI scenes from the S-Play using triggers.