The ODE Mk3 as with all of ENTTEC's RDM-compatible controllers comes from the factory with RDM enabled.

When RDM is enabled ENTTEC devices will, as per the Art-Net standard, automatically send out an RDM poll every 2 minutes regardless of whether or not it has been requested by a program.

While RDM is designed to work without affecting the DMX being sent to fixtures some fixtures that don't support RDM can see these packets and try to interpret them as DMX. This will result in flickers and other undesired sporadic responses. In these cases, if RDM isn't required it is recommended to disable RDM.
If RDM is required for other fixtures in the installation then it is recommended to separate them onto separate DMX lines from those that don't support it.

To disable RDM on your ODE Mk3

  1. You need to connect to the device's web interface by typing its IP address into your web browser or by discovering it using EMU.

  2. Once connected to the web interface move to the settings tab.

  3. From here each port's settings will be displayed. The ODE Mk3 will have a check box for RDM, simply uncheck RDM for the ports that have the RDM incompliant fixtures.

  4. Lastly, Save your setting settings by scrolling to the bottom of the page and pressing "Save Settings"