DISCONTINUED: These product has been discontinued:

RDM License Key (70511) / RDM Kit (70531)


  • Unlock RDM Controller: Use this license key to unlock the full version of RDM Controller. Patch responders by dragging them, check RDM sensors, and do advanced RDM using ENTTEC RDM Controller.
  • Unlock RDM Sniffer: All you need is this license key, and a PRO Mk2 – and you have access to RDM sniffer. A powerful way to analyse RDM packets going through the PRO Mk2.
  • Compatible with USB PRO (Controller only): A USB PRO is required to use this license with RDM Controller.
  • Compatible with USB PRO MK2 (Controller and Sniffer): A USB PRO Mk2 is required to use this license with RDM Controller and RDM Sniffer.


RDM Controller (70531C)


  • Smart Patch: Simply drag and drop any RDM enabled fixtures to the patch gird, to address them. Options to auto address also available. RDM makes it easier to address the fixtures/drivers easily.
  • Talk back to the RDM fixture: Controller allows you to change DMX Address, Personality, Lamp mode, and a host of other supported commands. Take control of your fixtures remotely.
  • Monitor the Sensors: Easily monitor the values of various Sensors from RDM fixtures in real-time. RDM Controller supports all types of sensors, and shows the relevant information in a graphical bar.
  • Find all RDM fixtures online: Do the basic RDM task of finding all the connected RDM fixtures, using our RDM Controller, right from your laptop. Simple and convenient.

The RDM Controller works on both DMX USB Pro (70304) and DMX USB Pro Mk2 (70314)

Free Features: Doesn't require the RDM Licence KeyPremium Features: Requires the RDM License Key (70511)
  • Full discovery : detects all RDM devices and adds them to the list
  • Sub Devices: detects any sub-devices for a selected device
  • Device Info: view a detailed summary of the device
  • DMX : change DMX personality and DMX start address for the fixture
  • Conforms to full ANSI E1.37-1 RDM standard
  • Control & monitor upto 512 RDM devices

  • GET and SET for all PIDs (even user-defined)
  • Monitor your fixture for any sensors with easy to view info
  • Drag & drop DMX address patching
  • Status messages
  • Advanced RDM Get/Set (send any manufacturer PID)

RDM Sniffer (70532)


  • Capture and Analyze: Capture in Live Mode: Captures all inline RDM/DMX packets and displays them live. Once captured you can analyze each packet and breakdown to each byte.
  • Detailed breakdown: RDM Packet Breakdown: Breaks down RDM Packet into easily readable chunks, and Raw Packet Data: shows packet data per byte, on double click.
  • Diagnose and find errors: With the ANSI E1.37-1 RDM timings built into Sniffer, it will highlight any timing errors and let you find out where and what is wrong in the RDM packets.
  • Save for later and continue: Import and Export functions, allow you to save the packet list for future usage & import later to compare. All captured information is stored for later retrieval, and an option to export in text exists for your own use.
  • One for the Experts: DMX Flicker Finder: Identifies Flicker within captured DMX packets, and Statistics: Displays average, max and min values for RDM/DMX packets received.

The RDM Sniffer requires a DMX USB Pro Mk2 (70314) and the RDM License Key (70511).

RDM Responder (70534)


  • Create your own response: Responder allows you to create and edit your own RDM Response for each parameter that you want to test. It Responds to RDM Get/Set Messages initiated by any RDM Controller.
  • Supported ParametersThis: Support for the required parameters as per ANSI E1.20  RDM specifications is built in. Which means, simply entering the values for these and you can test it out, easily and with no extra effort.
  • Your own Parameters: Add or Modify a new Parameter, and also add data to be entered in various formats or data types. Since not all parameters will have their response in ASCII or HEX, this is helpful to use.

RDM Library (70533)


  • Visual C Libraries: The library is split in 2 parts, the Controller Library for writing your own Controller application, and Responder Library for writing your own Responder application. The library uses the Visual C++ calling standard
  • RDM Controller Library: Write your own custom RDM controller, with functions to handle RDM Discovery, and do RDM GET/SET on supported parameters. Also included are functions to allow you to send DMX from the USB PRO
  • RDM Responder Library: Write your own custom RDM Responder, with functions to respond to RDM Discovery, and send custom responses to RDM GET/SET on supported parameters. It also makes it easy to create your own parameters to send responses on.
  • Make your own App: Extend these libraries to make your own App. A simple example could be a RDM based Diagnostic tool for your RDM fixtures, that will automate all RDM Testing. Get coding


The discontinued executables and libraries offered below are on a use-at-your-own-risk basis. 

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