Feature Deprecated Q1 2021 - This feature is no longer actively developed, or the Pro Mk2 MIDI cable sold. 


The DMX USB PRO Mk2 implements MIDI in as part of the same driver and API used to convert USB → DMX, consequently, this is a non-class compliant driver and requires the software developer to support the DMX USB Pro Mk2 API within their software). Your software must implement the PRO Mk2 MIDI support as per the PRO Mk2 API. The known compatible third-party apps can be found in the compatible software list

If your software is not listed on the webpage, please reach out to your software's developer to ask for them to add support for the PRO Mk2. 

  • The DMX USB PRO MK2 implements MIDI similar to USB -> DMX, so the software must support it.
  • Your software must implement PRO Mk2 MIDI support as per the PRO Mk2 API.
  • Please contact the software developer(s) to add support for PRO Mk2

The MIDI breakout cable was discontinued Q1 2021 and support officially ended. - The DMX USB Pro Mk2 API still supports this feature.