The DMX USB PRO supports two different firmware versions. One with RDM & one without. The firmware version of the DMX USB Pro can be modified using ENTTEC’s EMU software.

Note: Ensure all software that can connect to the DMX USB PRO is closed before launching EMU to stop conflicts.

Once the DMX USB PRO is connected to the EMU software, within Settings>Output click on the Setting gear icon next to the DMX USB PRO. The current firmware version will be displayed at the top of the window.

Use the ‘Select Firmware File’ drop down to choose between DMX and DMX/RDM. Use the ‘Update Firmware’ button to update the firmware (don’t disconnect your DMX USB Pro whilst the firmware update is taking place).

ENTTEC recommends that you only use the DMX/RDM firmware when you are specifically using RDM functionality. Some older DMX fixtures can behave unexpectantly if they receive RDM packets but don’t support it. Some software compatible with the DMX USB PRO will only connect or output DMX when the DMX Only firmware is installed.

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