Pixels can be grouped together for the purpose of reducing the number of input channels required to control a certain number of pixels. This feature allows you to control larger pixel projects even if you have a limited number of control channels from your lighting controller.

A common misconception is that enabling grouping will increase the overall number of pixels that each output of the system or controller can control.

The table below shows the impact grouping has on the input channel requirement for a 2 universe (340 RGB Pixel) and 4 universe (682 RGB Pixel) controller.

The higher the grouping, the fewer input channels are required.



(The number of pixels per group)

Quantity of DMX input channels

required to control 340 RGB LEDs 

(1,020 DMX channels)

Quantity of DMX input channels 

required to control 682 RGB LEDs 

(2,046 DMX channels)


1,020 channels

2,046 channels


(Pixels are paired)

510 channels *

1,023 channels


(Pixels are grouped in 3)

340 channels

682 channels

Note: * To use grouping on a Pixelator you must be using a 1U PLink module. To use grouping on a DIN-Pixie choose Personality 2.